Sending greeting cards with the booking calendar

Sending greeting cards with the booking calendar

10.01.2018 - Kategorien: General

It's done: Your calendar is full and you are fully booked. But how does it look to turn your customers into regular customers? A simple and yet proven method is to send congratulations, memories, a thank you or just greetings to remind yourself of your customers. The booking plan helps you to send personalized greeting cards.

Who is not happy about birthday cards, a nice Christmas greeting or an unexpected thank you by mail or e-mail?

Customer loyalty made easy

Who is not happy about birthday cards, a nice Christmas greeting or an unexpected thank you by mail or e-mail? Such a little niceness is often underestimated, although people - in this case your customers or guests - like it when you get attention - not only at the actual appointment, but also afterwards or before. The simple use of a greeting card can lead to a holiday apartment being booked again, your service being recommended to friends and acquaintances, or the next hour with the personal trainer not being a New Year's resolution in the sand. Unfortunately this nevertheless so simple method to bind customers seems to be often a hurdle for entrepreneurs, since simply the organization is missing. The CalenderApp can help you to remind your customers of your booking plan.

Scheduling as extended memory

The dates in your booking plan work like an additional memory. They help you not to forget any customer, because the contact data of your customers are stored for you. Try the CalenderApp now for free. Your booking plan can be set up quickly and easily and is ready for use in just one minute. Since the app is a comprehensive booking system, you can access data such as your e-mail address, postal address and above all the names of your customers. This allows you to address your customers directly and personally when you send them an e-mail or a greeting card - that alone is a special appreciation that every person is looking forward to. How about, for example, an unexpected greeting at the beginning of summer, a reminder of your next appointment, personal Easter greetings or just a card in between. With such appreciation, put a smile on the face of your customers and secure their next booking in your booking plan.

CalendarApp Booking Tool

More overview in the twinkling of an eye

The layout can be created quickly and easily, and you don't need to learn complicated programming languages or technical procedures. The support videos help you to integrate the app into the common content management systems (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, or Jimdo) - with just a few clicks the app is ready for use in just a few minutes with all its advantages.