Integrate free booking calendar for Joomla

Integrate free booking calendar for Joomla

11.02.2016 - Categories: General, CMS

Did you know that we also get along well with the Open Sorce Content Management System from Joomla? It's true.

Just between us: we understand each other well with all websites, but in this article we would like to show you how easy it is to integrate our booking calendar into your Joomla website. First of all you need a Joomla website.

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Integrate the booking calendar into Joomla - this is how it works

First you need a free user account from CalendarApp. Sign up in 30 seconds completely free and without obligation. Then you can create a calendar, which is also free of charge. In our tour you will be explained exactly how to copy the HTML code to integrate the booking calendar into your Joomla CMS page.

To integrate our HTML code on your site, you have to install the Joomla Extension Plugin Sourcerer. This plugin allows you to integrate javascripts. Simply download it and upload it zipped on the Joomla CMS under Extensions > Manage.

After this has happened, you can now go to your already created booking page. Now we have to go to the exact place where we want to place our booking calendar. Therefore we copy this code (see box below) and insert it at the desired place. Now replace the red marked area with your HTML code from the CalenderApp.

CalendarApp in Joomla mit einem Script einfügen

The result should now look like the picture only with your HTML code. Now save your booking page and the booking calendar should be visible now.

Customize your booking calendar according to your wishes

Of course you can now customize your calendar according to your wishes. No matter if it is the individual design for your booking calendar or if you want your calendar in another language - you do all these settings in the booking tool of the CalendarApp. Have a look at our Youtube videos. There we will explain the individual functions step by step.

Here is an example for an individual design

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