The booking calendar for your website

The booking calendar for your website

28.08.2018 - Categories: General, CMS

The indispensable organizer - CalendarApp

With the modular system, a website can be created quickly and easily today. If you want to manage appointments and booking requests, the CalendarApp booking calendar supports you as an optimal booking tool. The booking calendar can be easily integrated into the website and is immediately ready for use.

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Bookings made easy

Whether doctor's appointments, coaching, trainer hours, holiday flats, hotel rooms or event rooms - everyone who has to do with scheduling appointments and booking enquiries offers his customers a clear tool with the CalendarApp occupancy calendar. Your customers can see at a glance whether there are any vacancies during the period in question. You keep the overview and make sure that no appointments overlap. Test the application via your account: Create a free account now.

Daily calendar

Thedaily calendar is used to make bookings on a daily basis. The occupancy calendar is suitable for all those who rent room contingents over days and weeks.

Daily Calendar for your Website

Hourly calendar

Services to be provided on an hourly basis, such as doctor and coaching appointments, personal trainer hours, bicycle rental or the rental of event locations can be clearly managed with the hourly calendar.

Hourly Calendar for your Website

Integration of an booking calendar on

To download anbooking calendar, an account is required. After logging in, you have the choice between the free "Entry", the fee-based "Professional" or "Business". Data is exported in iCal format with your own calendar. Choose your own calendar. The "Export calendar" window opens under "Options". Choose your language: German, English, Italian or a customizable language. Copy the html code.

Log in to your website. Use the + sign of the page menu to insert an area where you want to place the calendar. Click again on the plus sign in the side menu and open "Other". Select the "html code" field. Under "Preferences" you insert it and update the whole thing. In the next step you can resize the occupancy calendar. offers help lines with which you can align the calendar. The result can be previewed and corrected at any time. Click on "Request booking" to make the booking.


The CalendarApp is modern in design, easy to use and practical for every booking option. SSL encryption ensures secure data transmission. The simple integration of a booking calendar into the own website is suitable for every user.