Your Jimdo website can be easily connected to our Booking Schedule!

Your Jimdo website can be easily connected to our Booking Schedule!

15.06.2015 - Categories: General, CMS

Your Jimdo website can be easily connected to our Booking Calendar!

You are looking for a suitable booking calendar plugin for your website? No matter if it’s for your holiday apartment or your event location, we have the right solution for you. With Jimdo you can create your own website without any prior programming knowledge. It works with a modular principle: you can choose and add elements such as menu items, text, images or widget plugins (additional applications) like our Booking Calendar. And for our Booking Calendar you do not need any prior programming skills either.

How does the implementation work?

First of all you need a free CalendarApp user account. Registration will only take 30 seconds and is both free and nonbinding. Afterwards you need to create a Calendar, which by the way is free as well. In our tour you will get all the information you need to easily copy the needed html snippet. All you have to do then is paste the html snippet into your Jimdo website.

We have prepared a short video for you. It will show you how easy it is. Take a look!

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How do you edit your bookings?

Your bookings can be viewed, edited, confirmed and declined from within our Booking Tool (admin panel/dashboard). You can also add a booking manually. But that’s not all. Our Booking Tool discretely sends automated emails to your clients. These email templates can be customized any time. But even that is not all!

Customize your calendar color font

Our Booking Calendar has additional functions you can subscribe to additionally.

iCal Export: If you want to use your calendar wit other tools you can use the iCal format to export your bookings. If you are not sure if iCal is the right format for you just send us an email and we’ll reply with a text-file you can use to test it out.

Individual Design: With our Calendar Designer you can completely customize your Calendar with a simple mouse click. With over 30 options to choose from you can customize your Calendar exactly the way you want.

Individual language for all Calendars: This subscription allows you to set an individual language for your request form and Calendars. You can easily overwrite all existing texts with your own and adjust your Calendar to your own needs.