Functional booking calendar for your homepage

Functional booking calendar for your homepage

09.05.2018 - Categories: General

Functional booking calendar for your homepage:Anyone who rents out accommodation or objects must always keep track of bookings.Logically, a calendar is the obvious choice for this purpose - but not just any calendar: with a conventional wall, desk or pocket calendar, the administrative effort is far too high.

The thing is different with a digital bookingscalendar for your homepage. With just a few clicks you can integrate it into your online presence and keep up to date with the status quo of reservations.

Advantages of the Calendar for your homepage from CalendarApp

The occupancy calendar for your homepage is accompanied by numerous advantages.It is extremely easy to use.You only need a few minutes to get familiar with the tool.You can follow your intuition.If you are still a little unsure, you will benefit from the precisely structured tutorial, which is available to you immediately after your registration and hardly takes up any time.

Depending on the package, the CalendarApp offers you numerous functions that make your everyday business life much easier.Accept the reservations of your guests or customers via the occupancy calendar for your homepage, send automatic e-mails - for example to confirm the request - and manage the seasons and/or prices.With Business Edition you can even create invoices.Click here for prices.

Daily Calendar for your Website

What the embedding of the calendar into your homepage brings you

Apart from the specific advantages of the CalendarApp itself, it has an immense benefit for you as well as for the visitors of your online presence if you use the booking calendar for your homepage and publish it there.Let's first get to the pros for your guests: When they enter your website, they will immediately see when the holiday home or the targeted object is occupied or free. This eliminates the guesswork about availability. There is a transparency, which pleases the users.

The big advantage for you is the minimization of the effort in terms of data management. By integrating the occupancy calendar into your homepage, you save yourself the cumbersome book fees, which only cost you the time you need for other tasks.

In short: In the CalendarApp you will find all important information clearly arranged and you can manage bookings with a few clicks.

Booking calendar for each website system

Apropos a few clicks... The booking calendar for your homepage is quickly integrated into your online presence.It harmonizes with any website system.So it doesn't matter if you use WordPress, Jimdo, Joomla, WIX.comor a self-programmed site.

All variants function flawlessly.The videos we've created for you tell you how to embed the occupancy calendar into your online presence.For each of the systems mentioned above - WordPress and Co. - a separate clip is waiting, which explains step by step how to proceed.


Do yourself a favor and work efficiently - the occupancy calendar for your homepage contributes its part to it. You can test the CalendarApp for as long as you like for free. The introductory package is permanently free and gives you the opportunity to get used to the practical tool quickly and easily.

Later, when you are sure which functions are particularly important for your business, you have the option of switching to one of the paid but extremely inexpensive packages. Get to know the CalendarApp now without obligation - it's worth it!