Booking calendar for the holiday home - because time is money ...

Booking calendar for the holiday home - because time is money ...

15.05.2018 - Categories: General, Daily calendar

Bookings calendar for the holiday home, that's how it works! You own a nice holiday home and want to rent it out to holidaymakers all year round on a daily or weekly basis to increase your income. The only problem is the cumbersome management of bookings. As an entrepreneur, you simply don't have the time to worry about the organisational side of things.

Also besser bleiben lassen? Mitnichten!

There is a convenient solution: you can use a practical booking calendar for the holiday home. It does a lot of work for you and makes sure that you achieve a high profit by renting out the apartment with little effort. In fact, CalendarApp saves you a lot of time. How? You'll find out in this blog post!

Bookings calendar for the holiday home & time saving through automatisms

Study each individual enquiry separately, compare it exactly with the other bookings, accept or reject the respective interested party depending on the findings of the analysis, and then carry out eternal dialogues with him on the telephone or by e-mail? A single imposition for someone who is otherwise heavily involved in business and has to fight for every free minute.

CalendarApp puts an end to this really unsightly "vicious circle". If you integrate the occupancy calendar for the holiday home with immediate booking function into your website, the travel-happy visitor can reserve his desired period directly. This avoids ambiguities and misunderstandings - so you don't have to have excessive debates with potential guests.

Time saving through clarity

The advantage of automatisms also goes hand in hand with the factor of clarity. Your visitors can see at a glance when the apartment is occupied and when it is still available in the booking calendar for the holiday home. How the days or weeks already booked are marked can be determined by you when designing the calendar. Red has proven itself as a signal colour. In addition, it makes sense to design the still virgin data green or neutral. The visitor should not have to think long and hard about which colour means what. So it's best to stick to the standards mentioned.

CalendarApp Dashboard Backend view

Tip: Of course, clarity not only prevails for your guests, but also for you. In the booking calendar for the holiday apartment, you will see the reservations or bookings made at the first glance.

Time saving through simplicity

The third big time advantage, which an booking calendar for the holiday home brings with it, refers to the simple handling of the CalendarApp. Within a few minutes you have created the calendar according to your individual requirements and integrated it into your website. If you want or need to make changes later, you can do so easily - with just a few clicks.

In general, the administration of bookings with CalendarApp is a breeze. The tool is characterized by its enormous efficiency. It contains everything that is important, but does without all too complicated and unnecessary extras that have no real use.

Take the time you need!

Get the booking calendar for your holiday home and benefit from all the time-related pros. You have the possibility to test CalendarApp for free. The introductory package is even permanently free of charge. Get to know the system in peace. Soon you won't want to miss it anymore...

Tip: CalendarApp can be integrated with WordPress, Jimdo,Joomla and You can find out exactly how it works by watching the explanatory videos on the website.