What is the CalendarApp booking calendar?

What is the CalendarApp booking calendar?

13.12.2017 - Categories: General

Are you renting a holiday apartment or a pension? Do you rent bicycles? Do you work as a doctor, therapist or personal trainer? Then you need reliable scheduling. Because nothing is more annoying than if you have to double booked your holiday home or cancel an appointment because you have made an appointment twice. Thick paper calendars used to be the order of the day. Thanks to computers, Internet and CalendarApp it is now easier than ever to keep a reliable booking calendar. Anyone who allocates appointments can use CalendarApp's busy calendar to get a handle on scheduling.

An booking calendar with many options

The CalendarApp is suitable for many industries. No matter whether a room is to be rented or the occupancy of an entire holiday home with several apartments is to be mastered. In our occupancy calendar, up to 50 calendars can be kept simultaneously in the business version, so that, for example, the booking of up to 50 rooms can be recorded at a glance. 

But that's not all: the booking calendar distinguishes between a daily calendar and an hourly calendar. The daily calendar shows the booking of whole days. This is particularly suitable for renting rooms. As a doctor, personal trainer and therapist, on the other hand, you can use the hour calendar to plan treatment appointments, sessions and therapy hours throughout the day.

Unser Stundenkalender

Hourly Calendar

More than just a calendar

However, the basic function that supports you in planning your appointments and bookings is not the only thing that the CalendarApp booking calendar offers. The developers have added some additional features. So you can integrate the CalendarApp on your homepage. The visitors of your website can recognize the free times at a glance and make a booking. Of course the prices can be deposited in the CalendarApp, invoices are issued automatically: In this way the CalendarApp becomes a fully-fledged booking system. You no longer need to worry about the technical processes of the booking and can concentrate entirely on your core business.

Einfach und schnell: Die CalendarApp

Die CalendarApp ist dabei so gestaltet, dass der Belegungskalender auch von Menschen leicht eingesetzt werden kann, die mit der modernen Computertechnik nur schlecht vertraut sind. Mit wenigen Klicks lässt sich der Belegungskalender in die gängigen Content Management Systeme wie WordPress, JimdoJoomla oder Wix.com einbinden. Umfangreiche und verständliche Support-Videos helfen bei der Einrichtung. Oft dauert es nicht mehr als eine Minute, bis der Belegungskalender öffentlich ist und für Buchungen genutzt werden kann.

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating

The introductory package with a calendar and the most important functions is free of charge. So there's nothing to stop you from trying it out. You can test the CalendarApp without any risk. And we are sure: Soon you won't want to do without the CalendarApp anymore.