Daily Booking Schedule

Whether it's for your holiday apartment, your hotel or your event location. Find everything you need for your business with our Daily Booking Calendar.

Daily Calendar for your Website


Import / Export

Import and export your bookings in iCal format with your calendars (e.g. Outlook, Google calendar) or the most important booking platforms.

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Use your social media platform to turn your followers into real customers.

Whether for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest with our solution you can now insert your booking calendar where you need it.

Customizable with just a few clicks and can be integrated into any website.

No matter if Jimdo, Joomla,WordPress or anyother CMS - CalendarApp is ratzfatz integrated, also in every website you have programmed.

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Seasons and Prices

In CalendarApp you can preset and manage prices that differ depending on the season.

Creating Invoices

You can easily generate an invoice from any existing booking within the booking tool. Additionally, you can provide your own letterhead design via PDF file. It doesn’t get any more professional.

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With the form designer you can customize your booking form for your calendars according to your wishes. You decide which information is important to you.

PUSH Notifications

In addition to e-mail notifications, would you like to be informed via push notifications when a booking is received? No problem! For all Windows devices, Android devices, and most browsers on the Mac, you can activate up to 2 devices that receive a push notification when someone makes a booking request.

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The CalendarApp in a few steps ready for use!

Choose the free entry package to test CalendarApp for your rental for free.
Register with your email address and password.
Follow the tips tour to get up close and personal with CalendarApp.
Click on "Calendar" in the menu on the left and then press the button "Create new calendar" in the upper right corner.
Select "Book days" and fill in all the fields given in the booking calendar.
Define the design of the calendar.
Decide in which languages the occupancy calendar for your rental should appear.
Last click "Create calendar" to complete the configuration.
Integrate the booking calendar into your website using HTML code.

Test our CalendarApp here!

You need more good reasons? Here is an overview of our functions.

Easy Integration
Within only 5 minutes you can incorporate you calendar into your own website
Generate your invoices automatically from our system
Multi-language Support
Display your calendars and email texts in different languages
Facebook & Instagram
Connect our calendar to your social media platform
User management for your calendars
ach user gets his own login, can create, edit, confirm or delete bookings
Push Notifications
Get push notifications on your smartphone (Android) and PC/Mac
iCal Import / Export
Import and export your bookings in iCal format to the most important booking platforms
SSL Encrypted
Our and your data are sent securely and encrypted
Save Time
With only one click you can either confirm, cancel or change a reservation
Email Templates
Save your own e-mail templates and send them automatically
Service plan for service providers
Create a service plan for your CleaningFee or gardener
Set Individual Booking Periods
Adjust your calendar according to your opening hours
Easily Manageable Calendars
Our booking system and calendars can be operated without any effort
Modern Design
Many options. Layouts can be selected and customized
Responsive layout
Looking good. In all sizes. On all devices.
Seasons and Prices
You can create your own seasons and individual prices
With just a few clicks you can automatically send attachments before or after departure as well as upon confirmation
View your occupancy, income, request times and more

You have a doctor's office or bike rental? Use our Hourly Calendar!

CalendarApp can also manage bookings and rentals by hours