Now new: CalendarApp available for hourly appointments!

Now new: CalendarApp available for hourly appointments!

17.10.2017 - Kategorien: General, Updates, Hourly calendar

There's something new here again. Up to now we had the daily calendar, e.g. for renting apartments, rooms, boats etc. on a daily basis. From now on we also offer the hour calendar. With this CalendarApp is now also an ideal tool for the hourly appointment allocation e.g. for doctors, physiotherapists, trainers, cosmetics, nail studio, lawyers, consultants, tailors or rental companies on an hourly basis of bicycles, boats, tools or also for the occupancy management of shared rooms or equipment. Practically everything that needs to be managed on an hourly basis can be done with our hourly calendar.

Creating such an hourly calendar is very easy with us. When creating the calendar, there is the option to choose whether you want to create a daily or an hourly calendar. The hour calendar is then automatically created with the corresponding options for this calendar type. It is also possible to run adaily calendar and anhourly calendar in parallel within an account. In addition however then a liable to pay the costs account would be needed, since the free account contains only one calendar.

The hour calendar is our newest baby. Please don't hesitate with feedback. We are happy to take care of that in order to improve our product and our service constantly.

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