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Do you want to rent out your holiday home regularly and provide your potential guests with a clearly arranged occupancy calendar? Undoubtedly a very good idea. CalendarApp offers you the possibility to implement your plans quickly and easily.

General advantages of an booking calendar

Anyone who plans and books their holiday individually knows the problem: You discover a great apartment and want to find out whether it is available at the desired time. But you can't usually rely on the date entry alone and the missing occupancy calendar does the rest. Again and again one meets appropriate web pages - and again and again one excites oneself over the ambiguity.

Do it differently in connection with your own holiday home and integrate a continuously updated occupancy calendar into the presentation page(s) of the apartment you want to offer as accommodation to holiday guests from all over the world.

You should consider and implement various elements in order to achieve the desired success in both the short and long term:


The viewers of the daily calendar must be familiar with the information at first glance and be able to assign it. Responsive design* is also important.


Maybe people from different countries are interested in your apartment. So choose a booking calendar that at least ''speaks'' German and English.


Visitors to your website require a certain level of security with regard to their data every time they click on it. This is why SSL encryption is also indispensable for the occupancy calendar.

Always up to date

Of course, the daily calendar is only useful if you always keep it up to date. Take care of it - depending on the software used, this is child's play, as is the case with the CalendarApp.

* Note: With Responsive Design, the occupancy calendar can be used with any end device.

Your advantages with the CalendarApp

The CalendarApp occupancy calendar brings you many advantages. It fulfills all necessary characteristics - from the clarity up to the simple "maintenance" of the system. So you can adapt the daily calendar for your vacation home exactly to your planned booking periods.

Example: If you want to rent your apartment in the summer months with special prices, you can adjust this accordingly. The occupancy calendar follows you on the word (or the typed command). All other details are also absolutely user-friendly.

The operation of the occupancy calendar is intuitive and therefore extremely convenient. With just one click you can confirm, cancel or change a booking. In addition, it only takes a few minutes until you have created the booking calendar and embedded it in your website.

Creating CalendarApp allocation calendars - this is how it works

The CalendarApp allocation calendar is available in three versions:

  • Getting started (free of charge)
  • Professional (fee required)
  • Business (fee required)
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Try it for free and without obligation. To do this, select the free entry package and register normally with your e-mail address and password. Then let us guide you through the tips tour to find out more about the CalendarApp.

To create your first calendar, first click on "Calendar" in the menu on the left and then on "Create new calendar" in the upper right corner. Choose "Book days" to create a calendar for your holiday home.

Then fill in all fields according to your requirements. First of all, you enter every important detail that the occupancy calendar should show on the final website - from the months to the forward and backward arrows.

Tip: You also decide whether the reserved requests are presented or not. Here you also have the possibility to proceed strategically to increase your profit. Make use of your marketing knowledge.

Don't forget to specify the design of the calendar. CalendarApp offers you some templates from which you can choose your favourite one. Alternatively, you can benefit from the option to create a completely individual look with the paid versions of the booking calendar.

Finally, take a look at the languages and automatic email texts that act as booking confirmations and are sent to your customers as soon as they have completed their booking with you.

Tip: German, English and Italian are available as languages. In addition, you can also use any other language - simply enter your text in the "Individual" section. For this you need either the Professional or the Business Package.

Last but not least, you complete the calendar setup by clicking on "Create calendar". Now the calendar is saved and available in your overview. To edit it or integrate it into your website using HTML code, just look at the options.

As you can see, it is really easy to create a functional booking calendar with CalendarApp. The practical tool, which combines numerous functions, saves you a lot of work and offers your visitors and guests an excellent service.

Use your social media platform to turn your followers into real customers.

No matter if for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest with our solution you can now insert your booking calendar where you need it.

If you only need one calendar for your holiday home, you can stay with the free version. It also allows you to show the calendar on your Facebook page as a separate window.

Note: In order to be able to offer you the attractive basic model of the CalendarApp permanently free of charge, it is connected with advertising insertions. It is advisable for everyone to first get to know the system intensively with this solution and then switch to one of the other two packages if necessary.

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Daily Calendar for your Website

Professional Package

The package called Professional contains ten booking calendars as well as some useful additions compared to the entry-level version. These include free management of seasons and/or prices, the practical export and import of data (export bookings) and quotas for hourly calendars.

Business Package

The Business package (50 booking calendars) offers you even more advantages than the Professional package. With the corresponding CalendarApp you can also create invoices for each individual booking. Another addition is the user administration for the calendar(s).

Tip: Both the Professional package and the Business package are 100 percent advertising-free.

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