Test the booking calendar free of charge and get to know it easily

Test the booking calendar free of charge and get to know it easily

06.06.2018 - Categories: General, Hourly calendar, Daily calendar

Bookings calendar free of charge? The fact that you have landed here is a good sign: You have probably realised that you can use your time resources much more efficiently if you use a digital helper for your business affairs. CalendarApp offers you the chance to test a practical occupancy calendar free of charge. Use it!

Why is the booking calendar available free of charge?

Quite simply: Because it is only fair to give you and all other interested parties the opportunity to get to know the system extensively and to test its qualities in practice. With the option of trying out the booking calendar free of charge, you can get an idea of the many functions and get a little "acquainted" with them.

Don't worry: "Getting used" doesn't mean that the calendar would be very time-consuming for you, on the contrary: It's so easy to use that you'll quickly become familiar with the tool - all the more so if you follow the tutorial that is displayed after your registration.

The introductory package of the booking calendar in a short portrait

First of all: The entry package of the booking calendar is permanently free of charge. This means for you: If the basic functions are sufficient and you don't need more than one calendar, you are already fully equipped with this variant and don't have to pay a cent for it.

The basic version therefore includes adaily orhourly calendar. For the design of the calendar you will find some templates in the tool, from which you can choose your preferred look. In addition, the entry package includes the option to send automatic e-mails according to the default settings.

Daily Calendar for your Website

Quite a lot of content for letting you use this booking calendar for free, isn't it?

But the range of functions is not exhausted yet: In addition, there is the standard multilingualism with regard to the calendar and the automatic e-mails (German, English and Italian).

Not to mention that everything that has to do with the CalendarApp is SSL-encrypted. This guarantees the necessary data protection - for you and also for your visitors or customers. Another feature of the introductory package is the Facebook tool.

Maybe you're wondering at this point how it can be that you can really use the booking calendar for free. In order to maintain this great service in the long run, you can't avoid advertising. But you can undoubtedly live with that, given that it's absolutely free.

First test the booking calendar for free, then change?

Most people who test the booking calendar free of charge switch to the Professional or Business package after a certain trial period. This is partly because they appreciate the basic system of the app, and partly because these packages include far more features.

Here are some examples at a glance:

  • 10 or 50 daily or hourly calendars
  • Customizable design and e-mails
  • Multilingualism even with your own texts
  • detailed management of seasons and/or prices
  • Data export and data import
  • perfect advertising freedom
  • and much more

Tip: The business package even includes the option of generating invoices - quickly and easily.

With 9.99 (Professional) or 14.99 (Business) Euro per month, the extended calendars are still very inexpensive and in any case a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to facilitate their business affairs.

Closing remarks

Irrespective of whether you are more interested in one of the two chargeable packages due to the greater range of functions, it is advisable to test the booking calendar free of charge first. So you can immediately convince yourself of the advantages of the CalendarApp. Later there will be enough time to switch to an extended package.