How many booking calendars are still in trend in design?

How many booking calendars are still in trend in design?

24.02.2015 - Categories: General, Daily calendar

What do we mean by still hip design?

In addition you must know that the Internet and/or the Websites changed in many points and the requirements grew. An important point is the Responsive Web Design. Responsive Web Design means that your website adapts to all common formats, e.g. in mobile devices, without any problems. Be it your notebook, tablet or smartphone. And all this with just one website, because in the past you programmed a desktop and a mobile website. And if you look at the other booking calendar providers today, they are no longer compliant with the new HTML 5/Web2.0/ Response Web Design. And this is exactly where our CalendarApp comes in.

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Here you can see an example of Response Web Design for your FeWo site.

But we didn't just want to solve the programming problems. The design of colors and shapes was also important to us.

All booking calendars of the others look boring. But not with us!

Stundenkalender in der Mobilendarstellung und Desktop Ansicht komplett

Calendar Designer CalendarApp

With our calendar designer you can design your calendars completely individual by mouse-click. With over 30 options, you can customize your calendar exactly the way you want.

As you can see here, our booking calendars are colorful. So you also have the possibility to change the main colour of your website or logo. With the calendar designer you have the possibility to select not only your desired color by means of a color picker, but can also determine all fonts in size and awards as well as make shades.

New in our program are also our mini calendars!

We have gladly fulfilled the wish of some users to create even more clarity and have launched the new mini calendar! Because with our mini calendar design you can now present a whole year compactly. You can use the contact form to send us further ideas and suggestions for improvement at any time. We are always looking forward to your feedback.

Mini Buchungskalender für deine Website

Our dashboard has also got an even clearer design!

The Dashboard is the central point for our Calendar App, where you can view and manage all bookings. We have also designed this area in our Calendar App for tablets and smartphones in order to make optimal use of the available space and to display the information to be presented in the best possible way. See for yourself and create a free account with a free calendar now.

Darstellung von Deinen Kalendern im Buchungstool