Calendar for your Typo3 website

Calendar for your Typo3 website

28.02.2018 - Categories: General, CMS

Typo3 - booking calendar for whose is it made?

Anyone who runs a website and wants to integrate a calendar application there is well served with the CalenderApp. No matter if you rent bicycles or holiday homes, if you work as a doctor, therapist or personal trainer or if you want to organize yourself. The applications are also very suitable for people with little knowledge of computer technology, as they are easy to understand and use.

How do you create a booking calendar for your Typo3 website in just a few steps?

Before you can get started, you must create a free user account for CalenderApp. You created your free and non-binding account in 30 seconds.

Here is the easy-to-understand explanation of how to create and include the calendar on your website.

  1. First select Calendar from the left menu bar.
  2. Then click on Create calendar in the upper right corner.
  3. Now you can define how your calendar should look like and how many you want to insert.
  4. Please enter the calendar name in the first line. The name will not be visible on your website later and is only used for the project description.
  5. You can choose between different templates for your Typo3 calendar in the next line. The preview window on the right side will help you.
  6. In line 3 you select the desired months to be displayed on your website. In the last row you can choose in how many columns the months should be displayed.
  7. Now click on Create calendar in the upper right corner and you are done.
CalendarApp Dashboard Backend view

How do you add the created Typo3 booking calendar to your website?

After the above step you will be taken to the overview of your created calendars. Next to the Typo3 calendar you want to include in your page, click on Options and then on HTML-Code. Now you can copy the source code in the displayed window. All you have to do is copy it into the source code of your website and that's it!

Assuming you want to have more columns or more months later, that's no problem. Edit your calendar in the CalenderApp and the changes will be automatically applied to your website. You don't have to insert the source code again.

Create your Typo3 booking calendar in one minute!

Within a few steps and in a short time you have created and inserted a stylish calendar for your website. The end result is visible and makes your site look modern and up to date. What are you waiting for? Now create your Typo3 booking calendar and integrate it into your website. Free of charge and ready to use within a minute.


The CalenderApp is suitable for everyone and very easy to use. Within a few seconds you are registered and a short time later you have integrated your Typo3 booking calendar into your website. To Tobe yourself out and test as much as you want, you can't do anything wrong. At the latest after 2-3 test runs, you know every step and the creation and insertion is always easier for you. Maybe the short and clear Youtube tutorialsabout the CalenderApp will help you.