CalendarApp - the innovative scheduling software for your holiday apartment

You want to rent out your holiday apartment on a regular basis? You also want to offer a clearly designed scheduling software to your potential guests? Undoubtedly a great idea. CalendarApp is offering you the chance to realize your project in a quick and easy fashion.
Get to know the advantages and techniques to get going – and fall in love with them!

General advantages of our scheduling software

Anybody who has ever planed or booked their holidays individually knows the problem:
You discover a great apartment and want to find out whether it is available on your desired dates. However, the [input field for the date] is unreliable and a calendar view is absent entirely. This kind of website can be found everywhere. And again and again they will frustrate you with their obvious lack of clarity.

Take a different approach when it comes to your own holiday apartment. Integrate an up-to-date calendar view through our scheduling software into the page of your holiday apartment.

Certain elements should be considered and implemented for your own short term and long term success:


Viewers of your daily schedule need to be able to understand the information that is presented at first glance. Another important factor for clarity is responsive design*.

Multi Language

It is quite likely that people from different countries are interested i your apartment. Choose a schedule that ``speaks`` at least German and English.


Visitors of your website expect a certain amount of security with every click when it comes to their data. Therefore, SSL encryption is indispensable for our scheduling software.

Stay up to date

Your daily schedule is only useful if you keep it up to date at all times. Care for it! With CalendarApp this can be a cakewalk.

* Notice: Responsive Design allows our scheduling software to be used on any device.

Your advantages with CalendarApp

The CalendarApp scheduling software gives you many advantages. It fulfills all the obvious needs. From a clear Design to simple maintenance of the system. You can adapt the daily schedule for your holiday apartment precisely to the booking periods you want to offer.

Example: Do you want to offer your holiday apartment during the summer months for a discount? Just enter it into the App. The scheduling software listens to your every word. Or, more specifically, captures every command you type.

Managing our scheduling software is very easy and intuitive. With only one click you can either confirm, cancel or change a booking. Furthermore, it only takes a few minutes to implement the scheduling software into your website.

Creating a CalendarApp booking schedule – How to

The CalendarApp scheduling software is available in 3 versions:
Starter (free)
• Professional (fee required)
• Business (fee required)

Video accompanying the text

Test our scheduling software for free and without commitment. Just choose the Starter Package and register with your email address and a password. Afterwards you can follow our tour of pointers to learn a bit more about our CalendarApp.

To create your very first booking schedule click on the menu on the left, choose [Schedule] and then [Create New Schedule]. Pick [book days] to create a schedule for holiday apartments.

Now you need to fill out all the fields according to your requirements. Primarily you enter every single detail which the scheduling software is supposed to display on the website. This includes information such as the available months but also navigational elements such as back buttons.

Hint: You decide whether a reserved date is being displayed or not. CalendarApp gives you the opportunity to act strategically to increase your profit. With our scheduling software you can use your marketing expertise to your advantage.

Don’t forget to choose the design for your schedule. CalendarApp offer you several templates to choose from. If you choose a paid version you can benefit from the ability to create an entirely individual design for your booking schedule.

Finally, you should take a look at available languages and automatic email texts. These will be send to your customers when their booking has been completed.

Hint: You can choose from the following languages: German, English and Italian. Furthermore, you can use any other language. Just enter your text in the section “individual”. This requires either the Professional or Business Package.

Your Calendar can now be finalized by clicking [Create Calendar]. Your booking schedule is now saved and can be seen in your overview. Go to options if you want to either edit your booking schedule or to implement it into your website by means of HTML code.

As you can see, it is very easy to create a working booking schedule with our scheduling software from CalendarApp. We have combined several functions into one tool helping you to save time and energy by creating an impeccable service for your visitors and guests

Try it out for free

Your booking schedule ready to go in one minute!

Implementation into your Facebook Fanpage

Details for available CalendarApp Packages

If you only need one single booking schedule for your holiday apartment you can easily use our free version (Starter Package). This will also allow you to implement your booking schedule in a seperate window into your facebook page.

Notice: We intend to offer our Starter Package continuously and for free. Therefore, the Starter Package will use advertisements. We recommend to anyone to get to know our scheduling software through the Starter Package first and upgrade to one of the other versions if they suit your needs more thoroughly.

Professional Package

The Professional package includes 10 booking schedules and some useful additions compared to the Starter Package. Among these additions are the free management of seasons and/or prices, the export and import for booking data as well as contingencies for Hourly Calendars.

Season and/or Prices

Rechnung generieren

Business Package

The Business Package offers even more benefits than the Professional Package (50 booking schedules). With your respective CalendarApp you can also create invoices for each individual booking. Another feature is the user management for your schedule(s).

Hint: Both the Professional Package and the Business Package are 100% add-free.

Start now for your holiday apartment!

Test our scheduling software for free and without commitment. Your first booking schedule can be ready in an instant. It can also quickly be implemented into your website. Learn about all the features of our scheduling software and increase your significance value for your visitors.