Online calendar for clubs - appointment management online

The intuitive online calendar for clubs

Today, almost nothing works without scheduling - which makes schedule management all the more important for clubs.

Your club is under your control, you have to arrange your members and manage appointments if you want to run your business successfully. The success of your club depends largely on your talent as a manager; this part of your job is facilitated by the online calendar for clubs.


Your and your customers' data is protected by SSL encryption.

A calendar for each

Each sales representative can view and edit their calendar / appointments.

Export the dates

To Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar and more.

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Virtual appointment management for clubs

With our CalandarApp, the program that supports you in your job as a club leader, you schedule projects online and interact flexibly and independently with interested parties and members.

The date of the next meeting, competition or other event of your club is visible to all users of this app. The system offers free dates to partners, customers and members without contacting you personally. You don't have to be available all the time, as with a local appointment, because the online calendar for clubs regulates the allocation independently.

Easy appointment 24 hours a day

Traditional on-site scheduling denies you and your members opportunities because not every prospect finds the time for face-to-face contact.

All app users have access to the online calendar for clubs and can select and set appointments 24 hours a day. You don't have to be present to schedule appointments, because you can quickly and easily view the system online.

At any time of the day or night, members and outsiders can make appointments with you, independently of you. Your chances of attracting new club members, customers and contractors increases immensely and automatically promotes your success.

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Create automatic appointment reminders. Thus, appointment failures are rezudzierst and provide for a better workload.

We offer you the following packages in relation to the CalendarApp

Appointment cancellations adé!

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Optimal appointment management for clubs

As a modern and user-oriented program, CalendarApp includes an appointment reminder. We remind your contact of the upcoming appointment by sending an email with an attached iCal file.

With one click, your customers can add the appointment to their own calendar and keep track of all their plans. The clarity of the appointment management for associations prevents appointment failures and optimizes the business partnership permanently.

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Customizable application for your web presence

So that club members and guests can quickly book an appointment with you, you should integrate the online calendar for clubs in your website.

The program adapts to any system without any problems, no matter whether you run a modular site or use a website CMS.

CalendarApp integrierbar in Jimdo, WordPress, Joomla, CMS

Digital scheduler

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Your perfect digital scheduler

The high-quality software combines ease of use and attractive appearance, because you determine how your calendar should look - in every respect.

You don't have to be a programmer or have in-depth IT knowledge to make the individual settings. The operation is quick and easy, so that you can create your ideal online calendar for clubs in just a few minutes.

In just a few minutes you can integrate the calendar into your website and design it according to your wishes. The design is up to you: adapt the program to the sector of your club, whether sports, health or another area.

With the right design you emphasize the seriousness of your club and inspire confidence in customers, members and those who want to become members.

Coordinate appointments stress-free - always and everywhere

Thanks to the innovative CalendarApp, you can schedule projects clearly and relaxed, even outside your business hours, during your break, on vacation and whenever it suits you.

You only need Internet access for the appointment management for clubs, which means you can manage your data on all Internet-enabled devices, anywhere. On the train, in the garden or at home, you can access the online calendar for clubs via your smartphone, tablet and the like.

Appointment management has never been so easy and individual! You don't have to scroll through pages and pages of a planner to manage appointments, but can reach your overview with just a few clicks.

Test the CalendarApp right here and get an idea of how it works

Our hourly calendar in action

CalendarApp fits beautifully into your website on any device. Try the appointment booking here and get an impression about the tool.

Customer-oriented operation - clear, simple, understandable

Your customers, guests and members want to reach you quickly with personal and business concerns and secure the next best appointment. You are no longer completely responsible for the appointment management for clubs, but can rely on your online calendar for clubs.

The CalendarApp shows interested parties directly which appointments are available and when, while you don't have to do anything yourself.

Your contacts independently choose an appointment that suits them and prevent downtime.

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Exclusive extensions for your club calendar

The advanced online calendar for clubs not only includes the booking of dates, but also provides information about your offers. For example, you can specify prices for rental objects and membership in your club and inform interested parties in advance about opportunities and offers.

In addition, the virtual appointment management for clubs gives you the opportunity to offer seasonal offers. If your club is only active at certain times or if you offer seasonal special prices, you can publish these dates in your calendar.

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1 daily or hourly calendar
Customizable design with templates
Automatic emails
standard multilingualism
SSL Encryption
Facebook Tool
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11,99 €per month
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10 daily or hourly calendar
Customizable design
Customizable request forms
Customizable automatic emails
Multilingualism, individual texts
SSL Encryption
Facebook Tool
Manage seasons and/or prices
Quotas for hourly calendar
Individual times for hourly calendars
Data Export/Import
16,99 €per month
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50 daily or hourly calendar
Customizable design
Customizable request forms
Customizable automatic emails
Multilingualism, individual texts
SSL Encryption
Facebook Tool
Manage seasons and/or prices
Quotas for hourly calendar
Individual times for hourly calendars
Generate invoices
Payments & Payment Options
Data Export/Import
User administration for calendars

Your advantages at a glance

Variable elements
of the CalendarApp maximize the utility value for your individual appointment management for clubs and guarantee you more freedom every day.

The online calendar
for clubs exceeds in its possibilities the presentation of typical appointment calendars. As a modern virtual scheduler, the program will manage your appointments on Facebook and other websites 24/7.

You can manage short-term appointments
in the daily calendar and plan your daily routine to the minute. The hourly calendar gives you more flexibility in your daily routine, allowing you to realize spontaneous appointments.

In the online calendar
for associations, you communicate with your customers and partners at the click of a mouse, reach different target groups and offer quality service.