Make your life easier with an occupancy calendar for your rental

A wide variety of things can be considered for a rental. The spectrum ranges from classic accommodations such as holiday apartments, pensions and smaller hotels to popular sports equipment for the four seasons – such as bicycles, skis and snowboards or kite and surf accessories – to practical utensils such as sunshades, lighting systems or tools. An occupancy calendar is extremely useful for renting out these and many other elements. With the right tool at hand, you’ll save yourself a lot of work!

This is why you´ll need an occupancy calender

It doesn´t matter to which industry the object belongs you are seeking to rent out – two criteria are important in any case: firstly, that you still keep track of several reservations and secondly, that your customers or visitors always know what is going on. Nobody wants to ask and only get an answer days later. In the worst case  the answer will be that the holiday accommodation is no longer available at the desired time or that the bicycle type required for the planned tour is already fully booked on the day in question. To ensure that both criteria are met, it is advisable to have a tool in place that can answer these questions right away. Therefore you’ll need a tool that allows you to displays availabilities.

It makes absolute sense to use a flexible calendar for the rental of accommodations and other things that can be viewed by everyone, so you can collect booking leads easily and don’t waste time with requests for dates on which you are already booked.

These characteristics should be included in the occupancy calendar

Easy Handling

As far as the characteristics that an occupancy calendar should have for the rental are concerned, it is necessary to look at you as a landlord and at your guests side. For you as a landlord, easy handling is most important. Finally, the calendar serves (also) to reduce your effort.

Have your data up to date

Your visitors and guests on the other hand, want to be up-to-date. This means that the calendar must always reflect the current situation - with clear ``markings`` for the bookable and the no longer bookable days. This brings us to the characteristic that both parties demand...


Nothing works without clarity. Confusion does not bring joy to you or your customers, quite the contrary. If you want to spare your nerves and do not want to frighten away your potential customers immediately again, you should give preference to a clear allocation calendar.

Tip: The clarity primarily includes a design that immediately illustrates the current situation. In addition, it is advisable to offer the occupancy calendar for rentals not only in English, but also in other languages which might make it easier for your potential customers.

CalendarApp has all these important features.

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CalendarApp as a perfect calendar for your rental

CalendarApp is – as the name suggests – an online tool that functions as an occupancy calendar.

You can easily integrate the booking tool into your website to manage your reservations online and save on fees charged by other online booking platforms.

The powerful tool is available in two versions

Daily Schedule

Belegungskalender für deine Homepage

Hourly Calendar

The CalendarApp daily schedule is suitable especially for renting out accommodations.

If you provide your customers with rooms in a small day hotel or offer items that are not intended for rental for days but rather for an hourly rental (such as bicycles), the CalendarApp hourly calendar is the right choice.

Regardless of which version you order, you will benefit from the general advantages of our tool. The occupancy calendar for your rental is easy to maintain. So you have to do very little or nothing to keep CalendarApp up to date.

In addition, you can also adapt the occupancy calendar in detail to your individual requirements. This means i.e.: If you offer your objects in winter, you can set different prices than in summer.

Tip: Tell your CalendarApp what you want and need in relation to your rental. The operation of the occupancy calendar is so logically designed that you can get to know it intuitively and will soon be able to master it with ease.

The CalendarApp booking calendar is available in three versions:
Basic (free of charge)
Professional (with costs)
Business (with costs)

Watch the video

Following we present some proof of the comfort of the CalendarApp your rental:

1.) One click is enough to confirm, cancel or change a booking.

2) It only takes a few minutes to set up the occupancy calendar.

So funktioniert CalendarApp – einfache Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung

  1. Step: Choose the free introductory package to test CalendarApp for your rental for free.

  2. Step: Register with your email address and a password.

  3. Step: Follow the online tour to get up close and personal with CalendarApp.

  4. Step: Click on “Calendar” in the menu on the left and then click on the button “create new calendar” in the top right corner.

  5. Step: Select “Book days” or “Book hours“, depending on your industry.

  6. Step: Fill in all the fields specified in the occupancy calendar and adjust the information if necessary.

  7. Step: Define the design of the calendar. There are several templates available.

  8. Step: Decide in which languages the occupancy calendar for your rental should appear. English, German and Italian are available as templates.

  9. Step: Last click on “Create calendar” to complete the configuration.

  10. Step: Integrate the calendar into your website using HTML code.

Try it for free

Discover the ingenious tool for landlords for free – your occupancy calendar is ready for use in no time!

Integration into your Facebook fanpage

Details about the available CalendarApp plans

If you only need one single calendar for your holiday apartment, you can easily stay with the free version. It also allows you to show the calendar on your Facebook page as a separate window.

Note: To be able to offer you the attractive basic model of the CalendarApp permanently free of charge, it is connected with advertisements. It is advisable for everyone to get to know the system thoroughly with this solution and then switch to one of the other two packages if you need more features or would like to get rid of advertisements.

Professional Plan

The Professional Plan includes ten occupancy calendars as well as some useful additional features in comparison to the beginner version. These include free management of seasons and/or prices, practical export and import of data (export bookings) and quotas for hourly calendars.

seasons and/or prices

Generate invoice

Business Plan

The Business Plan offers you even more advantages than the Professional package (50 occupancy calendars). With the corresponding CalendarApp you can also generate invoices for each individual booking. Another addition is the user administration for the calendar(s).

Tip: Both the Professional package and the Business package are 100 percent ad-free

CalendarApp: great organizational talent for your rentals

If you want to have the affairs of its letting permanently well under control, gets yourself a modern allocation calendar, but not just any: CalendarApp is either free of charge or very affordable, comfortable, clear and efficient. Discover the ingenious tool for landlords for free – your occupancy calendar is ready for use in no time!